This project uses maven-toolchains-plugin, so you’ll need to setup toolchains.
Examples for various OS/architectures can be found here

With toolchains configured, run mvn clean install.

When modifying the code beware/be-aware the build will fail if Maven POMs, Java source or Javascript source aren’t formatted according to conventions (Apache Maven’s standards for POMs, my own undocumented formatting for source). To auto-format the lot, simply run mvn -P '!strict,tidy'.

To run PiTest use mvn -P analyse

To run against SonarQube use mvn -P analyse,sonar


General direction without target dates.

What’s missing?

At first glance, compared to java.util.function quite a bit…

… but only functional types handling primitive types - so, thanks to auto-boxing, it’s not necessary to implement them (other than for performance).

As such, checked equivalents of the following will be added on demand in future versions:

  • BooleanSupplier
  • DoubleConsumer
  • DoubleFunction
  • DoublePredicate
  • DoubleSupplier
  • DoubleToIntFunction
  • DoubleToLongFunction
  • DoubleUnaryOperator
  • IntBinaryOperator
  • IntConsumer
  • IntFunction
  • IntPredicate
  • IntSupplier
  • IntToDoubleFunction
  • IntToLongFunction
  • IntUnaryOperator
  • LongBinaryOperator
  • LongConsumer
  • LongFunction
  • LongPredicate
  • LongSupplier
  • LongToDoubleFunction
  • LongToIntFunction
  • LongUnaryOperator
  • ObjDoubleConsumer
  • ObjIntConsumer
  • ObjLongConsumer
  • ToDoubleBiFunction
  • ToDoubleFunction
  • ToIntFunction
  • ToLongBiFunction
  • ToLongFunction
  • UnaryOperator


It would be great to have EmeticStream optionally take the equivalent of java.lang.Thread.UncaughtExceptionHandler - this could decide how to handle per-element exceptions. A default re-throwing implementation could be provided, along with Collector implementations such as toList() and summarise() (similar to java.util.IntSummaryStatistics).

Hopefully future versions of Java will allow primitives in generics, so checked parallels of et al. won’t be necessary.

Implementation Notes


Looking inside Exceptional you’ll see a lot of duplication - necessarily the try-catch blocks that callers no longer have to write.

An earlier version of this code, had all public methods marshal and delegate to one of two methods taking either a checked runnable or callable.
While this was DRY, in practice it lead to convoluted lambda-laced stacktraces which were unsavoury, so I KISSed it goodbye and unrolled the abstraction - likely Dijkstra would understand, if not approve.

Static Code Analysis


Used Sonar 6.0 during development, the issues raised are either:

  • Regarding methods declaring throws Throwable and catch statements catching Throwable. These have just been marked with only //NOSONAR in the source, as ordinarily this is a code smell.
  • Bugs in Sonar (or the wide collection a libraries it leverages). These have been marked with //NOSONAR and some explanation.

At time of writing I’ve switched to SonarQube 6.4, and now have 26 more false positives - both tiring of adding //NOSONAR blah blah and trying to be a good OSS citizen - created a SonarQube JIRA account, only to find you cannot create SonarQube issues only report via mailing list (fair enough, very widely used project must get a lot of spam issues).

I’ll update this section with link to mailing list archive at a later date.

Mutation Testing

At time of writing, there are zero survived PiTest mutations. A few additional tests were written, with the sole purpose of killing mutations deemed benign.

Compiler Warnings


Javac (v8 and v9) generates x2 instances of an odd warning for methods handling AutoCloseable, first glance it’s just an overzealous compiler warning (bug) JDK-8155591.

The JavaDoc for AutoCloseable.close() states implementors should not throw InterruptedException. IMO javac should generate a warning/error when compiling an implementation of AutoCloseable.close() that throws InterruptedException, not badger consumers.

[WARNING] ... ... auto-closeable resource C has a member method close() that could throw InterruptedException

Further annoyance as the compiler does no analysis for this warning - so even if you explicitly catch InterruptedException and add Thread.currentThread().interrupt() your build log will still be polluted with this noddy warning.

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Version: 1.0.0. Last Published: 2018-07-27.